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Pepe Insurance Agency Blog: death benefit

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You know what a life insurance policy's death benefit is -- the money your loved ones receive when you die. However, your life insurance policy also includes something called a living benefit. This means simply that you can tap into the death benefit, if you are chronically or terminally ill, as certified by a physician. READ MORE >>

For various reasons, many people put off or don't want to buy life insurance. It's not a required insurance such as car and home insurance. You are not obligated to purchase it any time in your life. With mounting bills every month, paying for life insurance always seems to fall on the back burner. READ MORE >>

Many companies offer a benefits package that includes life insurance coverage. Everyone who can get life insurance at work should definitely take it, as there are many advantages to company-funded group life insurance. There are also several disadvantages to group life insurance. READ MORE >>

Life insurance is one of the most valuable financial products that a young family can purchase. Life insurance is designed to provide financial support should something happen to you or your spouse. Think about the consequences to your family if you are the sole wage earner in the family and you were to suddenly die. READ MORE >>

Ask yourself this question..."would your family be able to carry on without any financial difficulties if you were to pass away suddenly and unexpectedly?" Everyone buys auto insurance. Everyone buys homeowners insurance.They are mandatory to own if you operate vehicles or own a home. READ MORE >>

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