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Pepe Insurance Agency Blog: insurance basics

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Like every other state in the United States of America, New York has automobile insurance laws. These laws exist not only to protect you, but also other drivers on the road. New York requires that anyone who operates or owns a motor vehicle to be financially responsible. READ MORE >>

Your car is broken into, and your briefcase, dry cleaning, golf clubs, and favorite guitar are all stolen right out of your car. You are furious, of course, and think you want to put in a claim to your auto insurance to recover your losses. But....should you claim it under your auto insurance?  READ MORE >>

You have a fire in your home and it destroys the structure of the home in several rooms and also a few home furnishings such as a sofa and television. You put in a claim with your homeowners insurance company to cover this loss. Suddenly you are faced with terminology such as replacement cost and actual cash value. READ MORE >>

Broken pipes, overflowing bathtubs, broken toilets, burst water mains, damaged washing machine hoses and flash floods. There are so many ways that water can cause expensive damage to your home. When the damage happens, your first step is to determine whether you have a water damage insurance claim or a flood claim. READ MORE >>

New York is a No-Fault Insurance State New York is one of twelve states, along with Puerto Rico, that follows a No-Fault auto insurance system. No-Fault is also called Personal Injury Protection (or PIP). It is designed to pay for economic losses (such as medical/health expenses, lost earnings, ... READ MORE >>

The beginning of the New Year is always a time of renewed outlook on where you want your business to grow and how you get there. We often spend a lot of time thinking where we want to be, but much less time thinking how we are going there. READ MORE >>

Collision and comprehensive insurance offer you protection when your vehicle is damaged either in a collision or other-than-collision. Comprehensive is the term generally used for other-than-collision. With basic liability coverage, your auto insurance policy will only cover damage to other people and property in a collision. READ MORE >>

The homeowners insurance policy is complex. It is not unusual for the average person to not know every detail of their home insurance policy. Even insurance professionals have to look at the policy from time to time to confirm their beliefs. Homeowners insurance is a must-have for homeowners who want to protect their investment. READ MORE >>

December and Christmas is the time of year where people purchase expensive items, such as jewelry or art. Maybe you are getting married and you received an expensive diamond wedding ring that everyone is admiring. It looks pretty right? Insurance is probably the last thing on your mind. However, it shouldn't be. READ MORE >>

Earning a driver's license is a very exciting time for a teenager. Along with purchasing your first car, it is a rite of passage to acquire a driver's license to drive your car around town. It is equally nerve-wracking for the teenager's parents dealing not only with teaching the teenager how to drive safely and defensively, but also the cost of insuring the teenager. READ MORE >>

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