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Farm Insurance

Farm Insurance Information

Farms require special insurance that goes beyond what a typical homeowners insurance policy can provide. If you have farm-type buildings (such as chicken coops, barns, stables, silos and machine sheds), farm equipment (tractors, combines, sprayers, planters, irrigation equipment) and farm-type animals (cows, sheep, pigs, chickens), then farm insurance is the right policy for you.

Even if you don't live on a working farm, but have many of the farm type exposures listed above, farm insurance is probably still a good option. A typical homeowners policy is NOT designed to handle any of the exposures mentioned, so make sure you are getting the right policy that you need.

We have options for farm insurance, from large working farms all the way down to small farms that covers both farm property and farm liability. We will take the time to discuss your farm operations, do a detailed analysis of your farm, and determine the best option for you.

While farms need the standard types of insurance policies that other businesses need, such as property insurance and general liability coverage, they also need insurance that is specifically related to the business they run.

What Does Farm Insurance Cover?

Property Coverage

Coverage A - Dwellings: The house itself. This can include the house and any extra items attached to the house, such as decks, porches, antennas, towers, and satellite dishes.

Coverage B - Other Private Structures: This includes detached structures that are not part of the house. Think of detached garages and utility buildings.

Coverage C - Household Personal Property: Applies to personal property owned by an insured while on the property on the insured location. These are items that are not considered part of the house such as fur: niture, clothing and appliances.

Coverage D - Loss of Use: Provides coverage should you need to relocate elsewhere temporarily due to damage from a covered claim. Examples of expenses where this money could be used are hotel rooms, apartments, laundromats, dry cleaning and meals.

Coverage E - Scheduled Farm Personal Property: Includes farm personal property insured on a scheduled basis and may include property such as grain and grain in stocks, hay, straw, fodder, farm products, livestock, computers related to farm management, miscellaneous equipment, and portable buildings and structures.

Coverage F - Unscheduled Farm Personal Property: Off premise coverage is provided for grain, ground feed and other items while being stored, processed, or in the custody of a common carrier. Farm machinery, equipment, and livestock can also be covered off premise. 

Coverage G - Other Farm Structures: Includes barns, outbuildings, and other farm structures such as silos, portable buildings and structures, fences, corrals, pens, chutes, feed racks, outdoor radio, antennas, masts, towers, improvements and betterments and building materials and supplies.

Liability Coverage

Coverage H - Bodily Injury and Property Damage: Provides protection for bodily injury and property damage claims from liability arising out of the farming business and personal acts of the insured.

Coverage I - Personal and Advertising Injury: Advertising injury is covered only if the offense is committed in the course of advertising the insured's farm-related goods, products, or services. Personal injury follows the coverage found in the General Liability coverage form.

Coverage J - Medical Payments: Agrees to pay reasonable medical expenses caused by an accident, regardless of fault, if the expenses are incurred and reported to the insurer within 3 years of the accident date. Farm employees are excluded, but resident employees are included. 


Pepe Insurance Agency will help you find the right coverage for your farm.  

Give us a call or fill out a farm quote today!



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