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Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance Information

Protect your house, your contents, and yourself

Owning a home is probably one of the largest investments you will make in your life. You need to protect that investment and yourself with a homeowners insurance policy. A homeowners insurance policy is designed to provide financial protection in the event of damage to your home and personal property, personal liability, and other risks that you may purchase special additional protection for as a homeowner.

Home insurance protects more than just the building. It protects your possessions, valuables, and the personal liability of family members in your home. Every home is unique and you need a trusted insurance professional like us who will get to know you and use that information to guide you in choosing the options that best suit your needs. 

Beautiful white house with green lawn.Property Protection

Homeowners insurance protects you from a variety of risks known as perils that result in damages occurring to your home (not the land), its contents, detached structures on the property, loss of use and additional living expenses, and loss of other personal possessions of the homeowner. It provides repair or replacement caused by these perils:

  • Fire and smoke
  • Lightning strikes
  • Windstorms and hail
  • Explosions
  • Vandalism and malicious mischief
  • Damage from an aircraft, car or vehicle
  • Theft
  • Falling objects 
  • Weight of ice, snow or sleet
  • Water damage

Note that flood damage is not covered. You need to buy a separate flood insurance policy to cover such an incident.

Liability Protection

Liability provides coverage for accidents that may happen at the home or at the hands of the policyholder. We live in a litigious society where lawsuits are all too common. What happens if a neighbor slips and falls on your front walk and breaks a leg and hits her head? Your homeowners policy protects you in the event that you are found responsible for unintentional injuries to another person or damage to property. This coverage applies whether the accident occurred on your property or elsewhere. This protection applies to all family members living in your household. Liability protection also covers medical expenses and other compensation awards for injuries, and costs of a liability lawsuit for a covered incident.


Insurance companies may provide discounts for certain situations. Based on the information you provide to us, we will work to maximize all discounts available to you. Available discounts may include:

  • New construction
  • Central station fire and burglar alarms
  • Smoke detectors
  • Major home renovations
  • Home and auto package discounts
  • Multi-policy discount
  • Loss free

Let us help you find the best value

At Pepe Insurance, we work with top rated homeowners insurance companies and compare options to find the best balance of cost and coverage that meets your needs. We help you compare options, look for discounts, and focus on maximizing your coverage in a way that fits your budget. 


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