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Specialty Automobile Insurance

Specialty Automobile Insurance Information

What is specialty auto insurance?

If you don't own an average car, why would you settle for average auto insurance policy? Specialty auto insurance, also known as classic car insurance, is a great fit for individuals who own collectible and/or antique cars and vehicles.

The coverage under a specialty auto insurance policy is similar to the coverage in an auto insurance policy. There exists the liability coverage and also additional options such as comprehensive coverage and collision coverage. Classic cars do not depreciate in value and are valued at their "Agreed Value". Classic cars are usually driven infrequently and mostly for pleasure.

What makes a car classic?

The exact definition may vary among classic car insurance companies, but Hagerty defines them as "fun-to-drive" vehicles that maintain or appreciate in value and are used primarily for pleasure. A few examples include:

  • 1957 Ford Thunderbird
  • 1967 Ford Mustang
  • 1975 Volkswagon Beetle
  • 1980 Chevrolet Corvette 

Let us help you find the right coverage

At Pepe Insurance, we have access to a few specialty auto companies such as Hagerty and American Collectors. With classic car insurance, you don't want to look for the best deal. You need to buy the insurance that will adequately cover your classic car. We will help you find the right coverage. 


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