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Insurance for Youth Sports Teams


This insurance includes a combination of risk protections that insure teams, leagues, associations, and club against the risks of youth sports. You can purchase a complete package or custom design a policy that meets the needs of your particular organization or sport. 

Liability is a very important part of this policy. It protects the organizations, participants, volunteers, and employees if a claim arises from a covered activity such as organized and supervised practices, try-outs, tournaments, play-offs and other events. 

Important coverage that you need to consider and we can provide are:

Comprehensive general liability

General Liability covers certain lawsuits arising from an accident causing bodily injury and property damage due to the alleged negligence of the sports or recreation organization.

  • A father was attending his son's baseball game. While waiting for the game to begin, the man was struck in the head with a ball, resulting in him falling that resulted in a head fracture and blood clot. The man who was injured files a lawsuit for pain and suffering against the organization.

Abuse and molestation

  • During a out of town weekend tournament, a player is sexually molested by a coach. The player's parents sue the organization's abuse and molestation coverage for bodily injury and mental anguish.

Property Damage Coverage

  • The local basketball organization's storage trailer was broken into by vandals. All the uniforms for the teams were stolen, as well as other miscellaneous sports equipment. The organization suffers a loss of $10,000 as a result of the stolen property. 

Sports and recreation professional liability

Professional Liability policy covers certain lawsuits alleging purely economic damages arising out of the performance of member services with no accompanying bodily injury or property damage. This generally includes personal injury and advertising liability.

  • A player alleges that improper instruction by a coach resulted in the loss of an athletic scholarship or professional sports career.
  • A member team/league alleges financial losses due to negligent management or financial advice provided by the sanctioning sports organization. 

Participant Liability and Accident Coverage:

  • Participant liability coverage  protects your organization or team, along with directors and supervisors, from lawsuits that can result if a player is severely injured.
  • Participant accident insurance covers a player or coach who is injured in the course of a supervised sports activity. This includes games, practices, clinics, travel, and more.

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